I have worked with Tracy when I was going through transitions in my life. What I was impressed by her is that she didn’t just help me with the issue I was facing, but with her holistic approach, she could also see my difficulties in a bigger picture and help me to identify a hidden cause that was hindering me from achieving my goal. With her help, I have finally found clarity in my life and I’m on my new journey now. Also, trust was the most important component in choosing a coach for me . With Tracy, I always felt heard as she is a great listener, empathetic, insightful, and remarkably empowering. With the trust I built in her, I was able to fully open up myself to her. It’s not always easy to find a coach you can truly be grateful for, but you are in the right place; Tracy is a real gem! I am really grateful to have worked with her and I hope you too will achieve your goal working with her.

Heina Yoo
From Japan | Former corporate trainer in career transition to social worker

I had coaching sessions with Tracy when I was undergoing a career transition. I used to have a corporate job in the financial industry, then I moved on to start my own business on calligraphy. I was constantly having self-doubts and wasn't sure if I am good enough. Tracy was very patient with me. She took the time to understand my needs, then we went through my strengths profile together. I still lacked confidence from time to time, Tracy gave me power and supported me to apply my passion and strengths in my work and personal life. I particularly appreciate Tracy went an extra mile, shared with me her experience and regularly sent me encouragement to make sure I launch the business but not backing off. Tracy's coaching efforts and care meant a lot to me in the start-up phase. Now, I feel good and have started selling products online to local and global clients!

Sara Ng
From Hong Kong | Calligrapher, former investment banking executive
Executive Presence in a Global workplace

We collaborated with Tracy in Seoul to deliver two workshops within 3 days. She is a total professional who created an optimal learning environment, encouraging questions and facilitating discussions. An optimistic always smiley person, Tracy has the perfect character to coach individuals or groups anywhere in the world.

Gordon Dudley
From the United Kingdom, CEO of an executive search and HR consultancy in Korea
Strengths-based Leadership and Team Culture

Tracy gave lots of valuable insights and input to the challenges I am facing in my role at work. It was all a good help to think further on adjusting my mindset and approach of communicating and working with the team.

Connie Luong
From Germany | Digital marketing manager of a listed e-commerce company

At first, I did not think I need (executive presence) coaching after being an entrepreneur and a CEO for 20 years. But after initial meeting with Tracy, I become interested in her StrengthsFinder approach and I signed up for three sessions. After the first session, what I had discovered already opened much of my mind about self-improvement. The new and effective approach is not about improving my weaknesses but knowing my own strengths and how best to leverage them. After 3 sessions I already saw a clear path how I could become a more effective leader. I am now in stage two and I eagerly look forward to the coaching sessions with Tracy so I can learn more. I highly recommend Tracy as an executive coach to all entrepreneurs and senior managers if they are looking for breakthrough in leadership and communication skills.

Joshua Lau
From Hong Kong | CEO of a listed e-commerce company -

I highly recommend Tracy Ho of Frame & Fame Personal Branding and Executive Coaching. The coaching sessions along with related consulting have had a powerful impact in just a few months. If you’re looking to go from good to great then contact Tracy today.

Damian Rhodes
From the UK | Senior director of a global financial recruitment firm