Our training offering

We offer a series of training programs, in-person or virtual, supporting companies with a multicultural workforce to improve their leaders/managers/teams’ communication, executive presence and leadership skills through our proprietary methods and established tools such as Gallup’s CliftonStrengths and DiSC profiles.

We regularly design and conduct various theme-based, half-day and full-day corporate training, in-person and virtual, feel free to email or leave a message on the contact page.

Group of people who took the strengths-based leadership training show the work they've done during the training

Strengths-based leadership/team culture/entrepreneurship

Leveraging Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment, we design workshops to help you understand your innate talents and provide practical tools for you to maximize your strengths to improve your leadership/build a strengths-based team/run a strengths-based start-up.

Group of people during a DISC based leadership training

DiSC-based leadership/communications

The 4 behaviour styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscienciousness) are widely trusted by local, regional and global companies. We develop DiSC-based training workshop to help you and your team to identify your respective DiSC profiles so you can reflect on and improve leadership and communications skills in your company.

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Strengths-based selling and negotiations

Every sales person has their personality and strengths. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we design a CliftonStrengths-based selling and negotiation training to help participants understand their unique talent and how they can build relationships, win trust and close more deals.

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Leadership and Productivity Training

Leadership success constitutes a broad perspective of strategic thinking, relationship building, executing and influencing patterns. Our leadership training is not merely about theory, it also guides participants to discover their motivators and blind spots so they can  lead a high-performing team and boost productivity in their company

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Executive Presence in a global workplace

Executive Presence is the differentiator that enables leaders to reach the top job. Our signature training comprises of 3 key parts that help participants improve their personal brand image, sharpen their communication and business etiquette, develop a strong mindset to lead with authenticity and be considered as C-suite material.

Signature Programme
Multi-cultural team during a meeting

Cross-cultural team engagement

Team engagement is a foundation to workplace success. Our team engagement training takes a holistic multicultural approach including raising awareness on cultural diversity and guiding managers to have engagement conversations with their employees (using Gallup’s Q12 Survey) to build a more enthusiastic workforce and drive real results.

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Goal setting and strategy through visual facilitation

We bring leaders and functional managers in a room and facilitate a focused discussion on corporate growth, strategy and action. Prior to the training, we sit down with the client to understand their objectives and tailor various visual tools such as flip charts, image cards and bricks for dynamic interactive discussion.

Woman talking during a team meeting
Signature Programme

Effective Communications and Presentation

Communication is considered one of the most important soft skills for career success in the 21st century. Tracy has more than 15 years of corporate and public communication consulting experience. She’s known as the go-to trainer for both native and non-native English speakers who need to present themselves in various business scenarios.

Man giving a presentation

Powerful Storytelling

A book may be judged by its cover, but a story is how impressions last. Telling a compelling story can help to command attention, win trust and exert a greater influence. We inspire our participants to level up their storytelling skills through ideation-generation tools like bricks, image cards, colours etc. We practice through tailored scenarios,  with instant, constructive feedback.

my training framework

How the training process works


Assess training needs and resources


Align on expectations,  set clear training goals and deliverables


Design and customize the training for the target audience


Deliver the training using the agreed approach


Review the training results with clients and discuss future partnerships if suitable

"I recently attended a few workshops by Tracy, they were very informative, helpful and gave tips and tools that you could put to use right away. I like how she gives practical tips on ways to improve your communication and presentation. Her years of experience show through in her work, definitely an expert!"

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