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Recently, a client asked us about the tools that coaches use during coaching sessions.

In this article, we will introduce two commonly-used coaching tools which help clients develop a better understanding of themselves.

Strengths Coaching Approach

An example of this assessment tool is the StrengthsFinders Test. This tool determines the client’s top 5 strengths, out of 34 possible strengths themes. This test focuses on people’s unique talents.
The strengths approach is especially effective for strengthening teams. For example, strengths coaching can help team members figure out how they can shine individually, and can help leaders identify where there are gaps in strengths within the team.

Personality-Type Coaching Approach

An example of an assessment tool is the Myers-Briggs Test (MBTI). This tool determines the client’s personality type, out of 16 possible personality types. This test focuses on how a person thinks.
Personality-type approach is most effective when solving conflict or miscommunication within a team. For example, this approach is useful for helping team members understand the underlying causes of conflict.


Of course, there is no “perfect” coaching tool that works best for every individual client. Here at Tracy Ho Coaching, we start off the relationship with a client by having a discovery meeting to understand the particular client’s specific coaching needs. Then, we will determine the most suitable coaching tools to use in order to help the client better understand himself or herself, to reflect, and ultimately to transform.

If you want to learn more about coaching and how it can help you grow professionally, feel free to email us at contact@tracyhocoaching.com.